Dear business owner, is this you? 😩

You started your business with so much expectations but you soon realized that it wasn’t as easy as you thought! It seems no one knows you exist or no one even cares to listen!

Well, you may be right – no one knows you, no one knows your brand exists and it’s mainly because you do not know them!

And yes, they don’t care and they won’t buy what you’re selling. Why should they? They don’t have need of your products because you are not speaking to them.

This is why this guide was created. To help you fish-out (identify) and attract your target audience.

In this guide, you will

When you find the right audience, your engagement would increase, you'd get quality followers & people would begin to buy from you.

This is the basis of building a brand that stands out & sells.

Here are some of the benefits of identifying your target audience

Hi! I’m Gloria Okoye, a Brand Designer and Strategist with a heart for small business owners.

I’m on a mission to help business owners build a brand that stands out and sells using the right branding strategies.

When I’m not solving problems for business owners through strategy-driven design and branding solutions, you’d find me diagnosing the problems of the human body and saving lives as a Doctor.

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Where should I send the guide 😃?